They lie about Trump and they attack Trump. The media are supposed to report what happens. Instead the media constantly write their opinions and pass it off as NEWS. That’s Fraud. That’s lying. That’s what the Courier Times of Bucks County does.

The media lie. They did it during a Trump press conference but too bad for the media it was televised so we saw the truth from Trump and the distortions from the media as it happened and the media thoroughly disgraced themselves. Not one of the 150 or so media asked anything about the money Trump raised for the veterans. The media was not interested in the veterans or the money, only about trying to prove Trump lied about the fundraiser.

ABC Hillary flack and 100% Cuban, Tom Llamas (YAH-mas) had the tables turned on him by Trump who called him a sleeze. Both of Llamas’ parents were born in Cuba. Llamas is an anchor baby and an America hater and he proves it by constantly attacking Trump regardless of the issue. He doesn’t belong in the Media.

With Llamas’ hysterical gotcha attacks over the use of the innocuous term “anchor baby,” he became the left-wing network’s race-baiter-in-chief this week. On top of being a race-baiting grandstander, Llamas has exposed himself as a propagandist. No one working for ABC News has heckled Hillary Clinton in this way.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, one of two GOP candidates Llamas has attacked, took to Twitter Wednesday night to publicly call out Llamas out for his dishonest reporting, and in doing so showed once again why he is the frontrunner: Trump tweeted: @TomLlamasABC cannot report the news truthfully. Why not apologize for your fraudulent story on World News Tonight.Gang members & criminals.

Breitbart reported: “Llamas is a race-baiting, left-wing propagandist. His Twitter feed is full of attacks against Trump and other Republicans.

“Llamas does not see his job as reporting the news but to create news, and only does so by hurling left-wing talking points that create sound bites for Hillary Clinton.

“We are deep in fascist “1984” territory here. If you’ll note, Llamas did not have an alternative term for “anchor baby.” This isn’t about offense, it is about killing the debate, aiding Democrats, and narcissistic grandstanding.”

Llamas lost a job at NBC. He’s now at ABC. Hope he finds another profession. He has no credibility as a reporter and he’s pulling down the credibility of ABC.

Trump: “I think the political press is among the most dishonest I’ve ever seen,’ he said. “I have to tell you that. But I think the political press – I see the stories and the way they’re couched.”

As the press conference ended, a reporter told Trump he had “set a new bar in being contentious with the press” and asked whether this is what it would be like if Trump wins the White House.

“Yeah it is,” Trump responded.

“I”m going to continue to attack the press,” he added. “I find the press to be dishonest. I find the political press to be extremely dishonest.”.

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