Obama’s Middle East policies have been disasters and will continue to put the Middle East into the hands of ISIL/ISIS because he’s willing to negotiate with enemies of America in the false hope he’s better at negotiating and because America has a first class military. He’s wrong.

The world is often filled with nuances but the Middle East is a classic binary choice. It’s good vs. evil. It’s either/or.

America backed the defeat of Saddam Hussein, a Sunni who persecuted the Shia and Kurds. The Shia went over to Al-Qaeda, Iran and ISIL. What’s happening with the Sunni’s? They’re being conquered because Obama abandoned them. What’s Obama up to now? He’s helping pave the way for a Nuclear Shia Iran. Iraq has become, to Obama, a distraction. Having Obama for a friend is like having the police depend on him for protection from the mobs that formed because: because Obama gets it so wrong so often.

Imagine a boxing match with four boxers. The way to win is to agree among three to knock out the fourth. Obama did that when he abandoned Afghanistan. Now he’s joined up with ISIL who is took over Yemen and is taking over Syria and Iraq. Obama?

He’s leaves the world stage next year. He’s building his library. What’s he care about Israel and the Middle East?

Or about the police, the whites or the Jews? How embarrassing to the world. Good for the free world that he’s being replaced next year.

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