A newspaper reporter is supposed to be objective, unbiased and to report the truth. The NYT fails on all three tests with their open bias, comtempt and hate towards Donald Trump.

Newspapers get special privileges in America. they are permitted to defame people meaning they cannot be successfully sued for lying about individuals. Newspapers are allowed to lie although we don’t like to be lied to and resent the lying when we discover the NYT’s is lying to us especially about Trump.

On the other side they refuse to condemn Hillary. Trump called her “Crooked” which is the best adjective to describe Hillary. The New York Times reported on what Trump said about Hillary:
“Crooked”“bad judgement and temperament” “suffers from plain old bad judgement!” “her judgement has been proven to be so bad!” “not qualified” “Would be four more years of stupidity!” “Wrong!” “reckless and dangerous” “very dishonest” “has no chance!” “zero imagination and even less stamina” “ISIS, China, Russia and all would love for her to be president”Crooked”“Crooked”“Crooked”“a fraud” “can’t the deal with Bernie Sanders” “Can’t believe she would misrepresent the facts!” “Liar!” “has bad judgment!” “pushing the false narrative that I want to raise taxes” “corrupt” “Constantly playing the women’s card – it is sad!” “bad judgement”“ZERO leadership ability”“Crooked”“Crooked”“said she is used to “dealing with men who get off the reservation.” Actually, she has done poorly with such men!” “one of the all time great enablers!” “perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for the presidency” “unqualified to be president” “incompetent” “has been involved in corruption for most of her professional life!” “Who should star in a reboot of Liar Liar- Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz? Let me know.” “not presidential material” “a major national security risk” “such bad judgement” “lied last week” “doesn’t have the strength or stamina to be president” “totally flawed candidate” “stupidity” “pathetic” “SAD!” “LIED at the debate last night” “We need a #POTUS with great strength & stamina. Hillary does not have that.” “lied” “disloyal person” “no strength, no stamina” “weak and ineffective” “does not have the STRENGTH or STAMINA to be President” “will be soundly defeated” “won’t call out radical Islam” “afraid of Obama & the emails” “SHE HAS NO STRENGTH OR STAMINA” “weak” “corruption is what she’s best at” “no strength or stamina” “totally incompetent as a manager and leader” “she looked lost” “her record is so bad” “the trade deal is a disaster, she was always for it!”

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