Better to make the abandoned SEPTA railroad into a road. It runs across Bucks County and avoids a lot of stopping and starting at intersections because it runs on a diagonal and has tunnels and bridges. Cars are constantly stopping for stop signs and red lights then starting and going for a little while between numerous intersections then stopping and starting the same gas guzzling process all over again at each stop.

The people who support Rails To Trails tell us that paving over the railroad tracks will be healthier because bicycling is better for us than sitting in a car. That’s nonsense almost nobody believes. They all have cars and they are willing to use them to transport their bicycles in them to get them to a trail.

All of the bicyclers say they will drive to the trail in their cars then park their cars, take out their bicycles and pedal along the trail, not for transportation but for exercise.

Exercise doesn’t get people to their job. It doesn’t put a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs or food on the table like a car does and cars need roads. Paving over the SEPTA tracks with a 12 foot wide road for bicycling makes far more sense if the road is a bit wider and made into a road. If it’s a bit wider two cars going in different directions can pass each other but if the road is limited to 12 feet and is made one-way that gets half of the job done. Either option is better than forbidding cars to use the road and even worse letting bicycles whiz past people who are walking.

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