There’s not much to Hillary once her bona fides are known. Trump nicknamed her “Corrupt” which is worse than “Crooked” both of which apply but she’s far worse than “Corrupt”, she’s “Criminal”. Hillary is a disgrace to the human race, perhaps not as much as some of the ruthless, bloodthirsty conquerors only because she hasn’t had an army to physically conquer, murder and plunder those she hates, ant that’s a long list starting with people like Jennifer Flowers and Juanita Broadderick.

 Hillary is untouched by innocence. Hillary is a towering figure, a left wing politician who has practiced and continues to practice hypocrisy on a world-class level that is so brazen, haughty, dishonest, disreputable that it cannot be described by one word although “Crooked” sums them up rather well. She’s been criminally motivated since childhood and the level of crookedness shot up since she had a law degree. All that is known. All has been admitted. Trump doesn’t have to do anything to even acknowledge her existence because her corruption is so well documented. Hillary is a unique creature in the worst possible way, even worse than her husband who was intercoursing women while Hillary was destroying them. So much for her lie about supporting women knowing she had ruined the lives of Bills intercoursers.

Sleaze is routine with the Clintons. When Bill was president, Asian money men visited the White House many times — in some cases carrying large brown paper bags stuffed with $100 bills — as investigators Edward Timperlake and William Triplett II detail in their book “Year of the Rat.”

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