Quote: The America as founded is under direct attack.  It’s under direct assault. 

Up until seven years ago, it was disguised.  But ever since Obama, it’s right out in the open.  There’s no doubt about it.  There’s nothing going on that you can’t see.  They’re telling us, “We’re gonna put the coal business out of business.”  We’ve got 30 Democrat attorney generals filing a lawsuit that would essentially strip the First Amendment’s freedom of speech clause away from anybody who disagrees with man-made global warming and subject them to prison — and you want to talk about Trump becoming a dictator? 

We’ve already got people who want to be dictators.  They’re called the Democrats, and they are well on their way.  I know how frustrating it is that articulating conservatism as an antidote, as a fix or a new direction to go…  There were times when the campaign I cringed.  I’m sure you did, too, over how certain things were said.  But we’re not in the arena. We’re not running. Cruz and some of the other guys were.  The most frustrating thing is to see what is happening that other people supposedly don’t, and don’t know what to make of it, when it’s happening right in front of their faces each and every day. 

But this statement — and Jamie Weinstein, he’s a Millennial. He’s a young guy. “[T]here is little threat another Clinton presidency would end the American system as we know it.” What in the world is already underway?  The open borders, the quest here for amnesty, not to mention the refugee problem. The entire structure of American society is under assault.  So is the whole concept of Western Civilization!  I really remain convinced that an activist minority is making all this happen. I know some of you say, “How can you say it’s a minority when they win the White House?” 

Because I don’t think Obama could have gotten elected telling anybody he was gonna do this.  He’d-a gotten some votes, don’t misunderstand.  But he wouldn’t have won the landslide he won by with announcing this as his agenda.

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