Dennis had access to young men in the locker rooms and bathrooms so he would probably encourage the protesters in North Carolina who want access to little boys and girls in the public bathrooms. These are sick people. Voyeurs want access too so they can indulge their sick fantasies watching unwitting victims go about their business protected from the public.  

Who would want their little girls exposed to older perverted men in the bathroom? Megyn Kelly, that’s who. Megyn stupidly argued with the Governor of North Carolina telling him it’s no big deal because women use bathroom stalls that have little doors so the perverts can’t see their victims but what about the little boys and the very young men who use the urinals? The boys are exposed to the gaze of perverts who could watch with perverted pleasure.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory stood up to defend the so-called “bathroom bill” — a sweeping pro-children law that rescinded a local ordinance that guaranteed open exposure of potential victims to gay and transgender people.. Kelly supports open bathrooms. Yeah, until it comes to sending her own children into harms way.

Why do so many people want to open the little boys to sexual perverts? They and Megyn would argue Dennis Hastert only hurt young boys so what’s the harm of letting little girls into the men’s bathroom while the little boys are there?

Kelly was openly hostile towards Governor McCrory but became loving and syrupy and cloying while interviewing Anderson Cooper after her attempted destruction of Governor McCrory. She had her strong man bias on full hissy with the governor but like Hyde, changed towards the openly gay Cooper. She failed to ask him if he want’s to use the ladies room. Why?

Nutty Bruce Springsteen cancelled performances in North Carolina and corporations like PayPal rolled back plans to expand there. Springsteen is so yesterday so straight people should abandon him to the LGBT crowd. Let them support him.

Commentators and reporters on both the left and the right have found the law’s proponents’ claims — that it protects children from voyeurs and sexual molesters in public restrooms — to be specious but they refuse to address LGBT Voyeurs in the bathrooms.

LGBT’s have to go too so what’s the rule supposed to be? One question is: what have they been doing until now and is it working?

What about a normal, adult, healthy sexually active male when confronted by a young woman, young girl or a female child? What would his expected reaction and subsequent actions be? What about temptation, passion and perversion where semi-nakedness is necessary?

One thing for certain, ….protect the children.

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