Hey tricked Registered Republican Voter: you all have to understand that the voters don’t select the nominee; the delegates do. Don’t like it? Change your voter registration to “no party” because both the Republicans and the Democrats work the same way but the egregious disregard for the registered Republican voters in Colorado shows the corruption of the Republican Party, at least in Colorado.  

Rush said Cruz didn’t cheat his way to get delegates in Colorado. Rush is sort of correct. The Republican Party cheated the Republican voters in Colorado. The party is corrupt and by extension, by using the corrupt party Cruz is corrupt too. Every Republican should vote in the Primary then change their registration to “No Party” just to teach the corrupt Republican Politicians a lesson in morality.

Donald Trump is showing how corrupt the political parties are. He’s smashing the Republican’s Corrupt System into little bits.

Keep in mind that it’s worse for America if Hillary becomes President so the message for Republican voters is #NeverHillary.

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