Abortion is all about the woman. Take away the woman and there’s no abortion problem. If a fetus has rights then the pregnant woman has superior rights. Never heard of “Superior Rights”? Read the case of Angela Carder whose dead fetus was ordered to be taken out of her body by a court and two days later she died as a result of the court order. That was in 1987 in the District Of Columbia in the United States of America. Carder did not want the court ordered Cesarean Section done on her. The court disrespected her wishes, ignored her words and ordered the doctors to perform the high risk procedure on Angela and it killed her.

The Court of Appeals invoked “Superior Rights” writing in it’s decision: “a fetus cannot have rights in this respect superior to those of a person who has already been born.” It didn’t matter for Angela who had been killed by the Court’s Ordered C-section. Angela was already dead.

The case stands as a landmark in United States case law establishing the rights of pregnant women to determine their own health care.

After her death at the hands of the court, the ACLU and Carder’s parents, Daniel and Nettie Stoner, instituted a civil action, Stoners v. George Washington University Hospital, et al., suing the hospital for deprivation of human rights, discrimination, wrongful death and malpractice, among other charges. In November 1990, days before the scheduled trial was to begin, the hospital settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money and a promise of new hospital policies protecting the rights of pregnant women. Angela however was still dead. HERE.

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