Walker, Pippen. Spresell, Iverson, Kemp, Baker, Rodman, Curry, Anderson, Caffy, Arenas and Williams lost a combined total of $1,019,000,000 dollars. Allen Iverson led them all. He lost $160 Million. Scottie Pippen lost $120 Million. On and on thru this rather abbreviated list of big money earners who lost their millions. Plenty of other talented basketballers made more and some perhaps lost more but the above 12 lost it all and many went into bankruptcy and some ended up homeless and living on the streets. Why? How?

These men are high achievers, higher than most people. They are smart, energetic and brimming over with talent. They are each so amazing they were paid millions of dollars a year to play basketball and they did it at the highest levels on earth. How did these 12 men lose over a billion dollars?

One Billion is a thousand million. Together these 12 men made as much as one thousand millionaires. Imagine how many people it takes to get a group of one thousand people. Imagine each of them is a millionaire. Compare the thousand to the 12 men who were paid a billion dollars. A big difference, — then imagine how much money they blew thru. You want to know why?

No one knows why. What we know is they did it.

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