Check out Sunday’s Courier where JD Mullane goes after Brian Fitzpatrick’s Blue Collar Bona Fides and tries to make Fitzpatrick out to be some kind of trickster because his T.V. ad makes it clear how well-connected Brian is to Levittown. JD takes issue with Brian’s comment that Levittown is a place where people are non-judgmental. He tells Brian to go into any bar in Levittown and ask the people what they think of Republicans or Democrats. JD seems to believe they will judge and judge harshly.

Brian of course means people from Levittown won’t hold poverty or many other attributes and behaviors against their neighbors. There’s a solidarity among Levittowners and they have a sort of siege mentality common among people who will band together against the cruel outside world, outside that is of Levittown. JD missed that in his analysis.

Brian Fitzpatrick achieved a lot, perhaps more than other people from Levittown. Does JD resent that? Is he jealous of Brian?

I’ve known JD for several decades. He’s a man who’s very comfortable with himself. While it’s possible be could be resentful or jealous, my guess is he’s not, at least not of Brian or his Congressman brother Mike, aka Michael.

Is it an Irish thing? Nah. JD is as American as they come. Yes, some of his ancestors came from glorious Ireland and yes, he likes his Guinness and his shots and beers but he drinks a glass of Pinot Grigio when appropriate and likes it.

My guess? It’s just a hunch but JD is proud to know people like the Fitzpatricks but JD is very connected to Lower Bucks and Levittown and since he has the courage of a lion because of being an Irish rooted Levittowner, he’s thumping his chest a bit. Maybe that’s all wrong but maybe not.


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