A bell hook is the hook onto which a bell is mounted. There’s another bell hook, She call’s herself Bell Hooks after her grandmother. She’s an awfully pretentious lesbian black woman who idiotically calls Beyonce: “A Terrorist” yet Hooks is wildly popular on college campuses. She’s written over 30 books (which shows how easy that is to do on college campuses) against the white race, especially against white men including “KILLING RAGE” which shows the shallow confusion of her intellect. KILLING RAGE shows Hooks pathological hate of white people. That a person like her is revered on college campuses shows their mutual dysfunctionality.

Hooks hates, hates, hates. She hates: white people, men, capitalism and women. She rages on about “White Supremacy”, “Power”, “Capitalism”, Feminism” and “Patrimony” all of which she absurdly opposes. Her phobia of power caused her to reject the use of electricity because it’s produced by her imagined enemy, “The Power Company”. Hooks has a pathological aversion to power.

But she never described the attributes of people black or white, friends or foes. She’s without reference points. Hooks is in her unique private nutty world where she’s kept warm, fed by her enemies and she really resents us.

It’s wise to study an enemy. It’s easy to follow Hooks. She’s not at all deep and her life is a one-note song. HATE.  

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