It’s good the terrorists have to hide from justice because it shows they know how wrong they are and it also shows how right everyone else is. They hide; we hunt. As long as we hunt and they hide we are more safe.

At bottom Terrorists are cowards. Europe is waiting to be rescued by America again. America is waiting for Trump to close the borders, expand the America Military in America and around the world and do what Putin wasn’t able to do; eliminate ISIS. Europe is waiting for Trump too. Europeans are powerless against evil. They constantly prove their inability to protect themselves. America had to rescue Europe twice in the last century and America must do it yet again and Donald Trump isn’t the best hope, he’s the only hope for civilization.

It takes more than courage. Trump has plenty of that. It takes intelligence. Europe is essentially a gaggle of inbred ineptness, to mix some metaphors. Europeans are unable to rescue themselves so clearly they can’t rescue everybody. Instead of rejecting immigrants they welcome them by eliminating borders in the foolish drive to ignore nature and treat everyone including these spawn of Satan the same.  Europe is in danger. America is in danger as is Africa, and Australia. Only China is safe from the Terrorists because China would shoot them on sight.

There’s no reason to accept an oppressive regime like China where life is so constricted that it’s unattractive to terrorists. In China the government would eliminate Terrorists because China prohibits competition for oppression. The Chinese don’t need alQuida. They have their own oppressors because their system is based on solid lifelong oppression. Neither the Chinese nor the terrorists like freedom. America does so American’s are the most successful people ever. Europe likes getting along more than it likes freedom so it’s far less free than America but far better than China or Terrorists.


Trump was asked if all Muslims are terrorists? He answered “A hell of a lot of them are”. Right on Donald. Right on Mr. President. Welcome to the White House. The civilized world is waiting for you. 

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