Rush analysed Trumps spontaneous remarks about Brussels and compared them to Hillary who has been described as corrupt, mendacious, criminal, and ugly, as well as suffering coughing fits and dizzy spells had a scripted response that’s summarized as eyewash so hands down Trump had a better analysis and better conclusions. Hillary should withdraw her candidacy and throw herself on the mercy of Trump to keep her out of jail for all her e-mail breaches of security.

Ted Cruz said essentially nothing of use in defeating the Terrorists. Cruz will lose so he should suspend his campaign for the good of the world.

The Democrats and Republican leaders have little to fear from Hillary or Cruz. Trump on the other hand drives then nuts with his unmitigated brilliance about things mortal like what to do about the terrorists. Two words encapsule his plan. Wall & Deportation. Catch and ship home.

Trump threatens the rice bowl of Hillary’s buds. They created the monster called Trump and he’s takin’ it to ’em.

Is he great or what??. 


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