PolySci is supposed to have the answers to questions like: Why Is Trump So Popular? So far, Nada. They don’t know.

Here’s some reasons why:
Reason #1. People like what he says.
Reason #2. People don’t like Hillary.
Reason #3. He’s visibly not perfect.
#4. He says what we would say.
#5. He trashes Hillary
#6. He wins much more than he loses.
#7. He’s not a gambler. He Prepares.
#8. He is a manager of Big, Big Projects.
#9. He really likes people.
#10. We really like him.
#11. He’s easy to like.
#12. We’re fed up with not having a voice.
#13. We’re tired of Political Correctness where we can’t even say words like the “N” word. See?
#14. We’re tired of being called names by the Liberals.
#15. We want someone who will stand up to the bullies who have been telling us things like The Knockout Game isn’t the fault of the “N” words who attack white people but of the white people who don’t understand the “N”‘s.
#16. We’re tires of hearing the lie’s about America.
#17. We’re tired of watching American Industries close.
#18. We’re tired of higher and higher taxes on our homes every year.
#19. We’re weary of Obama blaming us.
#20. We want a President who can handle Putin.
#21. We’re ashamed of Obama for not supporting Charlie Hebdo.
#22. We’re outraged at the Barack and Michelle’s two vacations a year because the vacations are too expensive.
#23. No one owns Trump.
#24. We want Trump physically protected from harm.
#25. Trump is maddening to Jimmie Fallon.
#26. Jimmie Fallon is a Trump-Hating Jerk.
#27. He says what he want’s to say. That’s refreshing.
#28. He’s against the Establishment.
#29. The Establishment is against him.
#30. Dr. Ben Carson Likes him.
#31. He likes Dr. Ben Carson.
#32. He likes Governor Chris Christie.
#33. Rush Limbaugh likes him.
#34. Trump is “Sooo Middle Class.”
#35. Trump loves his family.
#36. Trump loves people.
#37. Trump will go after the Terrorists.
#38. Trump will go after the cheating illegal immigrants and send them back.
#39. The Establishment is trying to take him out.
#40. He rejected Jeb Bush.
#41. He defeated Jeb Bush.
#42. Trump defeated John Kasich.
#43. The Establishment want’s John Kasich. We don’t.
#44. NAZI Collaborator billionaire George Soros supports Obama, Hillary and Kasich. Trump opposes Soros and doesn’t need Soros’ money.
#45. Trump easily handled Jorge Ramos. He had him kicked out then invited him back after Jorge promised Trump he would behave.
#46. Trump handled Megyn Kelly with respect. Megyn still doesn’t know what she did wrong but we do and so does Donald. He respects Megyn and FOX NEWS but doesn’t need them. And Kelly is forced by public opinion to cover Trump which she doesn’t want to do and she’s obviously in turmoil and distress because of it.
#47. Trump obviously loves women, respects them and they enjoy him.
#48. Trump is a fantastic husband.
#49. Melania Trump obviously is head-over-high-heels in love with her husband.
#50. Donald Trump is obviously head over heels in love with Melania. That’s how it’s supposed to be.
#51. Trump loves his two jets and his two helicopters.
#52. Trump used his very expensive helicopters to give helicopter rides to kids. It was a spur of the moment decision after the officials denied him permission to land his helicopter at the Iowa State Fair. His pilots found a nearby field and Trump decided it would help if he did something good so he figured out to give free helicopter rides to the kids. Good strategy. SHows how he always want’s to win and how great his mind is at figuring out how to do it.
#53. His family would be terrific in and around the White House.
#54. He love Americans as well as foreigners. He married two. Melania is a poised, elegant woman. So was Trumps first wife, Ivana who was born in Austria.
#55. Trump is a very moral man.
#56. He has a great mind that calculates what the right moves are.
#57. The Mainstream Media hates him.
#58. Mainstream America agrees with Trumps positions on the issues.
#59. Mainstream America Trusts Donald Trump.
#60. A statistically significant number of Independents favor Trump.
#61. Black American’s are American’s too. Trump knows that and respects black Americans. Proof? Dr. Ben Carson, a much loved man is black and he’s supporting Trump for President.
#62. Trump is a team builder. Proof? All of the successful projects he’s built using teams of people he assembled for the jobs.
#63. Trump is increasing the size of the Republican Party.
#64. Trump is one of the best negotiators ever. As President he can hire squads of great negotiators and he can lead them to win for America and for Americans. That would be you and me.
#66. Latino’s love him.
#67. Hispanics love him.
#68. Trump trounced Bush and Rubio in Florida among Hispanic voters except in Dade County which is rich with Cubans and they voted for fellow Cuban Marco Rubio. Good for them and good for Trump for winning every other county in Florida. The Cuban Americans ate their cake and still had it. Good for the Cuban Americans.
#69. Trump wants to build a wall along the Southern Border.
#70. Trump want’s Mexico to pay for the wall. He can do that and the Mexicans will support his idea.
#71. Black American’s are Americans and Trumps messages resonate among the African American community.
#72. If Trump doesn’t get the Republican Nomination America is in bigger trouble than we know because it will prove how corrupt the Republican party is.
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