Despite his hyper-education in three colleges, Obama cannot use English grammar. He proved that when he told the American embassy staff in Havana: “Today is a historic visit..” That’s incorrect. It should be “An” historic.

Raul Castro arrested the “Ladies In White” because Raul is a tyrant and the dictator who runs Cuba. The “Ladies in White” are the wives, sisters, children and mothers of political prisoners who are in jail for protesting Raul’s jailing those who disagree with his tyrannical ways. Obama warmly greeted Castro making Obama complicit in the jailing of political dissidents in Cuba and by extension people who support human rights.

Obama is worse than a traitor to America. By supporting and embracing a Communist Dictator he is supporting and embracing Communism and Socialism over Capitalism and Freedom.

Raul Castro refused to adopt even simple ideas from the American Constitution such as the first ten amendments aka. “The Bill of Rights”. He could have shown his support of America by adopting something simple such as freedom of the press.
Obama was not only too stupid to realize Raul Castro is a vicious tyrant, he put up with insult after insult to America and to himself by Raul Castro. Obama proved Donald Trump is about Obama unable to make good deals.

Obama’s visit to Cuba helped Raul Castro increase his tyranny over the Cuban people. What’s next? Obama gives away The Guantanamo Military Base? Probably.  


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