Thank Obama For Trump. After his eight year disaster the people are so fed up with government both Local and National that Trump is walking into the White House. Good riddance to the worst man every to run America. Most individuals, -most people are too small to fight the government but they hope Trump will and that he will win for us. Not for the dysfunctional, not for the multitude of minorities that have been used to balkanize us, but for Americans.

Obamacare is only one of the super government plans to keep us pinned down by taxes. Obama is a hateful anti-American race-based bigot, taught his anti-Christianity in an Indonesian Madrasas, taught his anti-white bigotry by Rev. Wright and countless other actors who helped him get it wrong when he reflexively said: “I could have been Trayvon”. “From the expansion of surveillance-state USA, to the leveling of Libya, to forcing individual Americans to purchase healthcare and religious organizations to fund birth control; to the crafting of a Kill List featuring his chosen targets for extrajudicial elimination, to running guns to Mexico’s goons, while gunning for America’s guns, to keeping the Southern border porous, to ignoring Europe and especially to ignoring France, after the Muslim attacks, to his phony Beer Summit to try to exonerate another race benefiting bigot, Professor Gates, —Barack Hussein Obama’s philosophical fingerprints are all over his administration. …The link between President Obama and the policies his minions have pursued, moreover, seems patent enough. Obama is the philosophical felon, the fulcrum on which everything pivots.”

He’s increased the National Debt not to advance America but to punish Americans. Government is too powerful and unbounded. Trump seems to offer the only chance because he’s neither Republican nor Democrat and he wins. We desperately need someone who can win against our domestic enemies, the politicians, their bureaucrats, the mediacrats and all of the other political-government crap-weasels who have succeeded in moving America away from the Constitution. America cannot get back to the Constitution until an outsider goes after the system. Trump, – not Romney nor Ryan nor Hillary, – Trump and only Trump among all of the other candidates, – will do that.

No political insider, certainly not Hillary, Marco nor Ted will do that. Enter Donald Trump. He’s a winner. He beat all the domestic enemies and built an International Empire. American’s are voting for Trump because he’s against the system. Maybe it really is a slave revolt.

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