The lawsuit is a smokescreen that will let Terrorists believe their conversations are safe while the government is listening and recording their plans. Brilliant FBI move to get the Terrorists talking so they can be picked up and prosecuted. Rush Limbaugh is in on the FBI’s plan and he’s been talking up how secure the iphones really are. Hogwash for the Terrorists to drop their guard and make it easier for America to foil their plots.

Israel has had the same abilities for a long time. Despite all of the smart people at Apple, the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and Israel as well as China can hack into everything.

And lets blame the Terrorists, not the FBI for all this palaver, danger and diminution of life. They must die. Trump must get elected and the Pope has to get a visa next time he want’s to visit America because he said Capitalism is evil which makes him and enemy of America.  


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