The Bush Family controlled the tickets and therefore they controlled and received the loyalty of the audience. How do we know that? Because Trump couldn’t get tickets despite his huge lead in the polls.
That’s why the audience reacted with boos against Donald Trump when Jeb Bush refused to follow the rules and shut up when Bush should have been quiet. It’s called “packing the house” and it’a a well-known trick to get an audience friendly to Bush because that’s the only way an audience would support him instead of Donald Trump the very popular front-runner who is leading every poll by historic margins. Trump has a 67% chance of winning the New Hampshire Primary compared to Bush’s 4%. That’s 27 to 1 against Jeb Bush.
We thought Trump was playing on a level playing field. We thought we could trust the audience to be fair but that was not the case at the debate.

Trump sould be allowed to continue making his case and speaking freely but when the audience was bought and paid for by the big Republicans money people, by Trump-Hating Karl Rove and by the Bush dynasty –as Donald Trump revealed last night, the debate audience was manipulated, not freely chosen. That’s cheating. That’s the only way Jeb could be cheered. He had to buy and to pay off the audience.

Only Trump who is self-financing his Presidential Campaign and who doesn’t need doners would dare to tell the television audience that “We Couldn’t Get Tickets. They Were Controlled by Bush’s Contributors.

The RNC set up the debate as an anti-Turmp shooting gallery with the controllers being the big Republican donars and the RNC. Whoever selected the audience should be found out and fired. It the RNC did it they should be condemned. Shame on all concerned except Donald for keeping that crucial information from the public. At the very least Jeb should be condemned for stopping the other candidates and especially Donald Trump from being being given a fair opportunity to lay out their vision for America’s future./span>

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