Out with the media is more important than out with the Democrat and Republican leaders so far as Trump is concerned. His popularity is based on what the people know are the failures of the two Liberal parties exacerbated by the Uber-Liberal press, That’s why Trumps popularity increased when he refused to knuckle under to FOX. We get it. Trump gets it. FOX doesn’t get it and unless Rupert Murdoch gets it and gets rid of Ailes and Kelly, FOX will lose more millions for Murdoch. Murdoch needs to finish what Trump started. He can make FOX better by sweeping out Ailes and company.

Trump  gets it because he has developed his instincts into a political “Distant Early Warning Radar System”. That’s an enormous advantage to anyone who needs to be aware of the future preferences of the voters. Bill Clinton has a bit of it but Hillary doesn’t. Neither does Roger Ailes who just lost millions for Murdoch by pushing Trump out of the Republican debate tonight. Stupid.

Rupert Murdoch and his two sons, Lachlan and James, are making sure people know that this crisis is on Roger Ailes. That’s so they can fix FOX by getting rid of Ailes.

Ailes’s dumb handling of Trump battle has some senior FOX executives questioning his judgment. Fox’s executive vice-president of news, Michael Clemente, said: ” it was a bad idea for Ailes to send out the sarcastic statement accusing Trump of being scared of “ayatollahs” and “Putin.” “Bad Ideas” Ailes was forced by events and dropping revenue to say it was a HUGE Mistake.

Unfortunately for Megyn Kelly she caused the debacle and is in on the blame. Two Presidential candidates, the two mostly known for their high moral principles, pastor Mike Huckabee and staunch Roman Catholic Rick Santorum left the debate to join Trump in Iowa.

Despite that, Ditzy Dana Perino said on “The Five”: the biggest issue in Iowa is the Christian Faith of the Two Top candidates on the stage tonight. That’s false. That’s not why Trump, Huckabee and Santorum left the debate. Note to Ditzy: The biggest issue in Iowa, the issue Barbie can’t get is economics, not the fact that President Geo W. prayed on his knees every day and before every meeting  This won’t end well for Ailes or Kelly. That’s good.

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