He’s a neighbor. Lives maybe 400 yards away. He didn’t know about Frank Rothermel or Jim Cunningham. He sure knew about Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, the Shutdown, the cost of the shutdown. the Republicans who caused it, how much money the Republicans and the Tea Party cost America, the damage they did, the people who were hurt by the shutdown, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Newt Gingrich, a host of national politicians, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kabul, Fallujah and on an on about Washington DC, America, the Middle East, the world at large but he didn’t know Barbara Bucknum who lives about a mile from him and who is a Republican who is on the Democrat ballot. He liked that. He liked the idea that there was a real cross-party candidate.

But how could this guy be trusted to vote for a Northampton Supervisor when he didn’t know who any of them were? He couldn’t be trusted to decide correctly, and there is a right and a wrong choice in Northampton about who will run the local government for the next two years. What’s more he didn’t want to hear about Northampton. He lives here. He drives here every day. He’s a long time resident who probably never went inside the Township building. He probably doesn’t know where it is. He doesn’t know about the Solar Panel deal. He did seem familiar with George Komelasky but he didn’t know Komelasky sold insurance. He didn’t know Komelasky sold insurance to the sewer board which prevented Komelasky from voting for appointments to the sewage board but he knew lots about North Korea. He has a strong opinions about the Republicans, the Democrats, the Progressives, the Conservatives, the Tea Party, abortion, the Redskins, civil rights but he not only knew almost nothing about the politicians all around him in Northampton, he didn’t know one thing about the politicians in Newtown which is a township tat shares a border with Northampton. He didn’t know where Scott Petri lived. He had no clue about Bob Casey or Lt. Governor Jim Cawley and this man has the power of the vote.  He didn’t know one small thing about Upper Makefield which is two townships away or Lower Southampton which was two miles away.

You could not call him ignorant. He was obviously smart.  He knew about political issues all around the globe but he didn’t know who Frank Rothermel was. He was surprised at the name Jim Cunningham. He lacked even a passing interest in the political scene right under his feet but he knew quite a lot about Mitt Romney. And he’s going to do his duty on election day and vote for 14 people in Northampton, in Bucks County and in Pennsylvania who will decide quite a bit about how he will live and about his taxes for the next two years.

If you live in Bucks County you have a lot more in common with him than I do. You will vote for 14 people who you should know about but don’t . In fact those 14 people have political opponents. You should know more about those opponents than you do about the cities in Afghanistan but you don’t. You know and have a strong opinion about the name of the Washington D.C. football team but you don’t know the name of your local committee man or woman. And you are trusted with the vote. Why? You can’t be trusted with any political decision about who should run Northampton because you don’t know anything about the four people running for Northampton Supervisor. 

You are probably registered Democrat or Republican but consider yourself Independent. That’s the common answer I get when I talk to you at your front door, on your driveway or on your front lawn yet you never ask me: “who are you”? You are not familiar with the four men running for Northampton Supervisor yet you will vote for two of them. You have no idea at all about the six Judges who are on the ballot who are running for re-election. Why not? Why do you know about John Boehner and Harry Reid but not about David Heckler whose name in on the ballot?

What the $%^&* is going on in Northampton?

Actually not that much different than what’s going on wherever there are politicians who practice keeping you in the dark about them. That’s why I’m writing this. I’m trying to inform you. If you are reading this you know I support two good men who are running for Northampton Supervisor. That means I do not support their opponents. I know all four men. I’ve know three of them for at least eight years. I know why I’m voting for Frank Rothermel and I know why I’m not voting for their opponents who have lowered the prestige of Northampton and will drag Northampton further down economically and ideologically.

Are you responsible for not knowing things about Northampton that are kept from you? Of course not,but you have some culpability. You need to find out about the people on the ballot. If you are registered Democrat call your Democrat committee people. They probably live a half mile away. Then call your Republican committee people and ask them the same questions you asked the Democrats. One thing you should not do is believe the trash the Northampton Republicans are sending to you about the November 5th elections. Vote like an Independent. Find out about the people behind the names. When you do you will decide the same as I have. I’m voting for Rothermel and Cunningham.



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