They don’t think nor do they want Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination or the American Presidency. They met at one of the winter playgrounds of rich business people, Davos, Switzerland where they kiss up to each other’s Anti-Americanism and throw their middle fingers against things American. That’s why 2,500 business and political leaders gathered at the Swiss ski resort for the annual World Economic Forum. Switzerland is one of the most xenophobic enclaves on the planet.

Mainstreaam Republican Eric Cantor who spent $2 million was defeated by Dave Brat who spent $200,000. Cantor was at Davos lamenting his loss and proving how mainstream he is as well as how tone-deaf he’s become. He’s fighting Trump.

Martin Sorrell, WPP’s chief executive. “I think it doesn’t matter who the Republicans put up, I think Hillary will win.” Avowed Marxist Niall Ferguson, Laurence A. Tisch professor of history at Harvard University said: “By the time we get to March-April, it’s all over. I think there’s going to be a wonderful catharsis, I’m really looking forward to it: Trump’s humiliation. Bring it on.”

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