The left brutalized Sarah Palin  with mis-representations; outright lies about her, her husband and their family then took her to court so often she had no time to serve the people of Alaska as Governor. So Sarah had to resign as governor and try to save her own economic life by fighting the phony lawsuits. Trump threw her a lifeline yesterday and put her in the National Spotlight once again where she simply shone.  

But the bastard media both Left and Right are going after Palin just like they did in 2008. Most pundits are jealous of success for doing something about which they can only report because they resent success. Palin won elections for Mayor and Governor. She can fire up a crowd as she did in Ames Iowa yesterday. The media resents that. They dislike people who are victorious. 

Palin’s endorsement means a lot to the Republican Right. Being a rebel like Trump locates these winners at life on the same political side and that’s great news for America. likely helps solidify some support for Trump among conservative voters. 

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