“Since 99.9% of the people are good the common sense best way to stop gun violence is to arm the good people.”

The President said it’s a fiction that he wants to take away your guns, –he does. His actions and statements prove it. He can’t because political and legal realities stop him. HERE.
He said women often will be disarmed by their attacker but the record shows the opposite. Women can and do defend themselves better when they have a gun.

Obama said if one life can be spared the cost of gun laws will be well spent. No, there are plenty of proven ways to spend money to keep kids safe. Taking guns away from their parents is the opposite of common sense. A mother with a gun is more powerful against home invaders than a mother without a gun. Instead of spending money to make it harder for parents to have a gun use the money to buy guns for parents.

The Police can help defend people who are under attack but they usually can’t get there in time. Instead of hoping the police arrive in time, give every registered voter a gun. That way we can be sure there are enough armed parents around who can actually protect their families.

It’s been proven that a gun in the hands of a mother can prevent an attack so every mother should be given a gun at the hospital so she can protect her child from the moment it’s born.

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