OK, OK, it’s not about Samuel L. Jackson’s fixation about his race or the race of others. Jackson failed to comment on the major riots at 15 malls by “America’s Most Coddled Youth”. Why is a decoder needed to get to the basic information that might shed some light on the causes of the riots at 15 malls? For example: if the rioters were mostly people with red jackets we could look into the reasons red jackets might have something to do with riots.

None of the media reports mentioned the race of the rioters. Why not? Was “Race Scrubbing” practiced by the media in each report of each of the 15 Christmas Season Mall Riots? In Louisville the report was: “2000 “people”…….. “rioted” at the Mall St. Matthews.

Two thousand people disturbing the peace so much that helicopters and SWAT body armored officials had to get involved. Were they Muslims? Samuel L. Jackson apparently thinks so because he said Muslims are the new black men. Jackson should be boycotted until the childhood fantasies that made him paranoid leave his brain.

Certainly there’s a problem about which information is needed when riots break out in 15 places in America during the Christmas season. A cover-up of essential details doesn’t help the people with the problem or their victims. Sooner or later the details will come out even if it takes a hundred years because the police keep records. Private citizens make records with their cell phones. Private citizens talk among themselves. Authors have written books about the causes of the phenomenon but it’s not allowed to be reported or publicized. Perhaps some of the angelic types want to see the problems solved so the reports can be made more accurate by including essential details that are left out of the present day reports and it’s for certain they are left out as a review of the video of the actual news report about the Mall St Matthews riots shows. Why the cover-up?

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