Gun grabbers and Second Amendment Derangement Syndrome victims will be glad to learn from “The Gun Laws of the Third Reich” how successful the gun registration lists were in disarming Hitlers enemies before they were sent to the concentration camps. Obama’s increased antipathy towards the Constitution includes increasing the governments surveillance of citizens who own legal guns by forcing law abiding gun owners to get permission before buying, selling or otherwise transferring a gun. It’s called a “Background Check” and the government swears it will not keep a record of the names of people who ask permission to own a gun. Yeah, ..and the people can trust Hitler said Hitler as he ordered the guns of the Jewish community confiscated prior to Kristelnacht.

Illegal guns and illegal gun owners will be defacto exempt from the law because they refuse to follow the law just as drug dealers, illegal immigrants and prostitutes who refuse to follow the law are exempt from the illicit laws. N.B., –when the laws are immoral they are broken.

The argument that people are not trained in the use of guns like the police are but that’s like believing only concert pianists can possess pianos.

How did women get into the Presidents War On Guns and Drugs? It’s a well-known secret that child slave rings kidnap girls to force them into prostitution which don’t work well in countries that have removed sex work from their criminal laws. Gun grabbers are like child slavers. They facilitate crime by making sure disarmed good people can’t resist armed bad people.
“Typically feminists, pathological reformers, and married women oppose prostitution. That is, they want the government to control the sexual lives of women. This is an outrage, and little better than purdah. Can suttee be far behind?

“Note, though, that feminists are not disinterested parties. They regard heterosexual sex as miscegenation, and heterosexual men as poachers. With them it is a matter of competition for resources. Married women, moving on in years, putting on a bit of weight, and perhaps not erotic thunderstorms in the first place, yearn not for houses full of young, luscious, available and—Hallelujah!—feminine women within hubby’s purview.” When prostitution is illegal feminine women get less feminine which increases the market and the value of attractive desirable women. Same for street drugs which are lowered in quality and safety when government criminalizes drugs.
Reformers argue that because prostitutes are mostly women, somehow the trade represents discrimination against that sex. How so? Piano movers have almost always been men. Does this imply that a woman who has her piano moved is exploiting men? This would seem to imply that pianos by law should be stationary.

Laws that criminalize the wrong things force the things underground; create markets in contraband; increase the price; create criminals who increase the market for illegal things and lower the culture. Prostitution and drugs are illegal. Obama wants to add guns to the list. He’s on a mission. The world will sooner or later grasp missionaries like him are untrustworthy regardless of their intent. Obama’s intent is not revealed by his words. In his case actions speak louder than words.

Making things illegal increases their selling price. Cheap to produce street drugs are expensive because government drove them underground which created a high-priced black market. Same for prostitution. Illegal things become artificially expensive. Laws that banned drugs and sex made drugs and sex more expensive. If you think guns are expensive now, wait until they are illegal.

The worst cowards are people who hate guns and refuse to protect themselves. They want to pay someone else to use what they believe is reprehensible. They believe guns are immoral therefore they want to ban the acquisition of the means to use lethal force to repel a criminal and get furious when they are attacked for hypocrisy and cowardice when they call on someone else to protect them.

The lessons should be learned that government should stay out of peoples lives except for the activities that have been criminalized since time out of mind like Murder, rape, theft, fraud.

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