What else did Josh Earnest mean when he said America should continue to admit possible terrorists? His words were: “Republican front-runner Donald Trump disqualified himself from the 2016 horse race for suggesting the U.S. should temporarily block Muslims from entry.”

Either the followers of Islam contain Terrorists within their believers like the two Muslims who murdered Americans in San Bernardino or they do not. Obama wants to approve their entry into American society where their danger to Americans will continue. Donald Trump want’s our representatives to devise a way to guarantee Americans will be safe from terrorists coming across our borders. Obama’s “Safe Haven” does not provide a “Safe Haven” for Americans. Trumps does.

FBI Director James Comey said: “”Their (Terrorists) ability to have a safe haven from which to gather resources, people, plan and plot increases the risk of their ability to mount a sophisticated attack against the homeland.” That proves Trump is correct to stop Muslim inmigration to keep Americans safe.

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