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Written 9/21/12, Posted: Thursday, October 18, 2012 6:00 am | Updated: 11:09 pm, Wed Oct 17, 2012.


What explains President Obama’s decision to fly to Vegas for a fundraiser while Libya was burning and four Americans were murdered? What explains him after almost four years in the White House?

What attributes does Obama reveal by actions that demean the office? Consider this: The bodies of the four murdered Americans arrived in flag-draped coffins but Obama’s speech over the coffins was appeasement toward the murderers.

The 40-year-old War against America is a guerrilla war which America has not won. High-tech drones can help but when the drones are kept on the ground and the bullets at the embassy locked up to prevent “an incident,” that’s naïve leadership. That helps explain Obama’s bungled foreign policy, which, as James Kirchick said, the Obama Doctrine could be summarized as: “The United States will remain impassive in the face of genocide.”

President Obama, surprisingly, has demonstrated neither willingness nor ability to protect American interests. Appeasement is not protection. Surrender in Iraq was a disgrace. Bowing toward foreign rulers along with his constant diminishing of America shows a hidden side that should not comfort Americans. Obama sneers at critics. He says America should be”equal,” when everyone knows America is First among Nations, not just because of America’s democracy but because America’s exceptionalism began with our liberty; with our unique laws based on the protection of the individual against government, and a Constitution which, although damaged by the infiltration of non-original values into it, was supposed to protect our liberty.

Obama and the left have been diminishing liberty, elevating statism and, perhaps, with his “Executive Orders,” totalitarianism. Other nations fail to grasp, as Americans do, the rights and dignity of each individual, rights we have constantly expanded.

What motivates Obama to appear on stage at yet another night-time comedy show within hours of the return of the murdered bodies in coffins?

What motivates Obama who, instead of paying attention to the business of America, hams it up with comedians, celebrities, and rock stars? Does he aspire to be a celebrity instead of doing the job to which he was elected to do and for which he took an oath?

What inner qualities are revealed when Obama attends a night club party within days after the murders in Benghazi, murders designed to taunt America for the weakness and lack of resolve shown by Obama? What are they?

What personality attribute or defect identifies Obama’s hesitancy to condemn what al Qaeda’s affiliate in North Africa called “the best gift,” meaning the murderers of our ambassador and others in Libya?

Why did Obama take four years to change back his definition of Man-Made Disasters to Terror, a word he banished until threatened with re-election?

Terrorists should have been conquered decades ago. “The Munich Massacre” happened 40 years ago. Other presidents didn’t solve the terrorist problem but only Obama promised to do it. Who knew his chant of “change” only meant appeasement?

What moral flaws does Obama exhibit to foreign nationals when he joined a night-club audience who paid $40,000 each to be there, within 24 hours after the bodies in their coffins arrived at Andrews Air Force Base? The enemy knows he’s missing resolve.

What explains this man whose many actions as president run counter to the interests of America and Americans? What is missing?

Perhaps it’s the liberals’ wrong-headed commitment to punish America for slavery and racism. Maybe it’s to trick foreign leaders into believing their culture is “equal” to America. That’s fraud but it helps explain Obama, who is always guarded and always calculating. Psychologically, Obama identifies as a victim. He enjoys being a rock-star type of celebrity, perhaps because of inner insecurities from his parental abandonment, but those are also false fronts. We know fame is fleeting, which provides “hope” that “change” could be upcoming.

Bill O’Neill, Holland,, describes himself as a “full-throated Republican Septuagenarian,” dedicated to reality, reason, self-responsibility, capitalism, less government, lower taxes and the defeat of President Obama.

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