Is he Pro-Muslim? Well he want’s to pay to fly 10,000 Sunni Muslim so-called Syrian Refugees, some of whom are ISIS Terrorists, to the United States despite the opposition of most Americans. CBS news reported the Obama Administration has overwhelmingly discriminated against Christian Syrians. Of the 2,184 Syrian Refugees Obama admitted, 2.098 were Muslims, not Christians. He is correct that America should not discriminate against certain religions so why does he discriminate against Syrian Christians who are the first victims of ISIS?

Most of the Muslims he admitted are Sunni, same as ISIS. How is a Syrian Sunni who is not being persecuted by ISIS a refugee? It’s was Sunni’s who murdered 120  innocents in Paris.  that’s not surprising on Obama’s part because he gave his 2009 “New Beginning” speech at Al Azhar which is the foremost Sunni university.

Refugees become “Welfare Recipients” when they get off the free airplanes who land them at JFK. Think about taking money from Americans who resent the numerous welfare benefits they must provide to refugees and you get a feel for the cost and the moral problem which is taking money from innocent people to support the whims of the President. It’s not just the security against terrorists coming in with the refugees, it’s the costs and the moral disaster Obama is causing by his refusal to listen to American voters. That’s Imperialistic, not Democratic. That’s un-American. That’s Obama.


ISIS precipitated the “Refugee Crisis” as a battlefield tactic to get more Sunni terrorists into America.

Obama has been admitting Muslim representatives and denying Christian representatives by denying them visas. Sec. State “Traitor John” Kerry called for the human rights of …. ready for this? …..Jihadis, those people who slaughter and rape Christians and burn their Mosques. Whoops. Not Mosques, Churches.

It’s Obama and his policies that are “shameful”, his word, to condemn Christians for trying to keep America safe. 



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