What a brilliant strategy, joining the causes of the Jihadii’s to keep themselves from being attacked. The problem with “understanding Jihadii’s” by responding to their murders with love and compassion as Roman Catholic, Vatican following L.A. Bishop Robert Barron did in an interview, will work until the Jidhaii’s realize crowds of Westerners gather in The Vatican. Bishop Barron found the Paris Murders “Poignant”. He channeled the Rev. Martin Luther King’s response to hatred with love. Would the Catholic Church could return to the fiery intellectual rhetoric of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and get rid of it’s blinders that will cause the death of Catholics who try to forgive Jihadii’s for murder instead of at least shooting back.

The short term response of American’s to Jihad is a Permit To Carry. Medium term it’s to elect Donald Trump. Long term there is a small window to appeal to reasonable Muslims but the elimination of the Jihadii’s is the correct end game. It’s fight or die, not forgive and forget.  

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