White Privilege is a combination of attributes that has propelled civilization higher and further than any other race-based privilege. Black Privilege on the other hand is still evolving as witnessed by the black demonstrations at the University of Missouri. Black students attend classes in Black Studies. White students study Math, Chem, Physics, Languages, Philosophy and history.

White people have high intelligence. So do Orientals. Compare Europe and the Orient with everyplace. Intelligence is passed on in the genome. There’s a time to study and a time to play or demonstrate. College life is supposed to educate people, not to provide them with a grass covered courtyard to walk around with signs yelling and screaming they are disrespected.

White people in addition to possessing high genetic intelligence tend to use that intelligence to explore the intellectual fields as compared to the basketball court and the football field. White people are conscientious. They want to start, work and complete tasks that use their minds. Football players use their hands and feet but not so much their brains. Brains however win in Football because they are useful in figuring out who has the ball and how fast to run to knock him down. Knocking people down is also the object of Polar Bear Hunting aka. the Knock-out game that’s played where black people can sneak up to older white people and knock them out with one punch although white people with a pistol often win.

Can you say Ferguson, Philadelphia, Detroit, Camden, Baltimore, Newark? Why are those cities of

An IQ below 90 is needed to get into college without passing a reading test. Don’t belittle the idea of not passing a tough written test to get into college. It worked for Michelle Obama at Princeton. A low IQ helps rob shoe stores and burn down cities while rioting. How many black students at Mizzou have gotten free stuff from programs like: Head Start; Section 8 Housing; AFDC; Obamaphones; medical care, EDP cards, food stamps;money to help pay off Student Loan Debt:Unemployment Aid: Housing Assistance and Protect Families from Mortgage Fraud: Support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Additional Help for Child Care Costs: Project-Based Rental Assistance Program: Increased Pell Grants: Housing Choice Voucher Programs: Funds to Prevent Hunger and Improve Nutrition: and General Assistance from the Community Development Block Grant Program, all of which have been supported and increased by the first black president and none of which are needed by the people with White Privilege.

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