Cigarettes burn tobacco, vapors heat liquid. Cigarettes make smoke, vapors make steam. The problem for vapors is the chemicals added to the water to make the steam. Steam seems almost healthy. It’s simply heated water and has been used to treat lung problems. Sounds good but E-water is flavored by adding chemicals and the chemicals cause the problems. Vaping pure water isn’t popular because the e-water contains chemicals that add flavor and odor to the steam. If you want to experiment with your life, smoking and vaping are two dnagerous ways to do it. Why even take a chance with your lungs. You have tow but they are sort of small compared to the rest of your body. That’s why you have to keep taking breaths. Your lungs aren’t big wnough to take only a few breaths a minute so you have to take a lot more to keep getting rid of the poisons your lungs secrete and getting more oxygen into the bolld to clean the bloos as it picks up the poisons and brings them to the lungs. Mess that cycle up and you shorten or even end your life. Smoke and vapor are serious things that do not belong in your lungs. they can kill you even though it takes a while to destroy enough of the lung tissue to make breathng difficult then impossible. Don’t Smoke. Don’t vape. You’ll live longer and living is the first part of thriving which is living well.

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