Obama forgot he said “Stop the Hatin'”. He’s been telling his ignorant followers how terrible the Republicans are yet he doesn’t have the courage to appear against Sean Hannity. He’s not running so his true personality is coming out and it’s based on actual hatred of large groups of people whom he simply, irrationally hates. Obama has been living in a bubble. He doesn’t know how he’s perceived. His old hating personality was overlooked by most people who voted for him because of his race and that means most Americans.

People who don’t live near the places where there are race problems voted for him because he was black and black people voted for him because he was black so he was able to win partly because he’s black but he can’t grasp that or if he does grasp it he can’t process it because he’s a guy who refuses to admit that most Americans just don’t hate black people. Oprah Winfrey is a great example of a woman who is popular because she has a personality but not because she’s black. Obama and Michelle just don’t think like that.

Every Republican Candidate for President has taken shots at Obama. Everyone has a version of “Obama can’t handle Putin”.

Obama is disturbed. He’s very good at covering up his dysfunction even though it’s deeper than most people but lately because he has almost nothing to lose he’s become the Hater-In-Chief and that’s too bad but Hillary is even worse at covering up her truly dysfunctional personality. After all, she’s been at it far longer than Obama. She has a dysfunctional marriage which she’s never publicly admitted. In fact she’s lied about it so often that like Obama she’s created an Alternative Reality where she says she has a good marriage. Marriages are supposed to be good. Her husband was impeached. He lost his law license. He’s had so many women his campaign had a squad to handle the “Bimbo Eruptions” and Hillary had to lie which she did on a regular basis and which she did on National Television.

Obama is a traitor like Brutus was against Caesar. In this case he running his hate against America. He needs to get a grip and stop pushing all this hate around. He was elected to the highest honor America has. Twice. Why can’t he stop acting so common? Why can’t he stop his hate?

Because that’s what haters do.

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