The video is here. and it has to be seen and heard to judge how desperate some people are to prove Donald Trump is somehow wrong about Mexico not sending their best people to America. These kids, one of whom, Ricky, says he’s an anchor baby proves the undesirability of both anchor babies and the low moral standing of some people who cross the borders illegally.

These children use the “F” word which is most inappropriate. It made me cringe. On that basis alone the kids should have their mouth’s washed with soap to try to clean their misguided minds. Obviously some pretty low-life adults put them up to making the video but they hurt their cause with this video because they exploit three obviously duped and unfortunate kids.  

So far as a pregnant illegal immigrant’s baby being born in America to legalize their mothers illegal entry to America, there is no Constitutional provision for that conclusion. The United States and Canada are the only “developed countries” that offer unconditional citizenship to children born in their country. Children born to foreign nationals are called “anchor babies” because they act as an anchor to keep the birth tourist parents in the country and to eventually gain American citizenship for their illegal immigrant parents thru the ill-advised Family Reunification Act aka. 8 U.S.C. § 1151.

Illegal immigrants are usually from the less educated segments of a foreign countries’ societies, and they bring with them by definition an attitude of lawlessness, an unwillingness to acclimate and a general lack of respect for the existing society and it’s laws. After all, they entered America illegally which means they broke the law when they first stepped onto American soil. With them comes a lot of crime and dependency on government benefits.

Trump’s campaign for the presidency is popular because he is willing to speak plainly about the immigration problem. The Left has no answer for the real problems caused by people sneaking across the border, and it desperately wants the flood to continue.

So we get videos of F blasting kids who prove Trump is right.

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