Join the Red White and Blue Climate Movement. Stand up for using all of the resources you can like coal, oil and natural gas and water. The environment belongs to everyone. The environment is supposed to be used by everyone. If you want to give up your share of it and Go Green, go right ahead. It won’t help the environment except maybe to make more available for the rest of the people.

The Red White and Blue environment means you are free to use the air, water and property that belongs to you. Red White and Blue are opposed to the Green movement in the sense that the Greens want to restrict your freedom. The Red White and Blue, the RWB wants to prove to you that you are at liberty to use whatever part of the environment you need. Same for you friends and relatives. We want the best life for ourselves, out friends and relatives.

The best people know how to improve the lives of all and it’s not by restricting, limiting and forbidding the use of energy but by increasing it. We want power to run air conditioners in schools, malls and homes. We want heated buildings in the cold weather so we can live healthier, happier lives when the climate is too harsh and even dangerous because we know heated buildings save lives. Refrigeration protects the environment by making food last longer. A freezer in the home lets people have ice cream when it’s too hot outside. We like ice in our soda too. Refrigeration provides that as easy as plugging in a refrigerator. Why wouldn’t we want more low cost coal, oil and gas.

Having a car means we can be far more productive. We need gasoline and diesel fuel for our cars and trucks. That means roads on which we can safely travel at higher speeds. The American flag is Red white and blue. It stands for freedom and so do we.

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