It’s rather shallow to accept the written word of an Iranian who is criticizing Donald Trump but Dana Perino did just that. She quoted from an article written by the son of a man who blames America for 9/11.

Instead of giving the Iranian father and son any mention because they don’t deserve any, suffice it to say that Perino would have read the son’s critique more carefully because it’s full of mis-information. Perino is smart enough to spot the mis-information but at the moment she is on an anti-Trump glide path so her oversights are understandable but she’s way off course so she’s in for a rude awakening, to mix metaphors.

Even worse for Perino she acted uncharacteristically shrill and overbearing while she made her points that Trump’s Position Paper on Immigration was wrong. She should know better and she should try to figure out the right answers to her own mistakes about Trump.

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