Hannity criticized Glenn Back’s inability to understand the attraction of Donald Trump. Beck, an alcoholic who changed his mind and his behavior by stopping his alcohol consumption, criticized Trump for changing his mind, for evolving on issues.

Hannity: “Why, at this early stage, would you be so dismissive [of Trump]?” Hannity asked Beck, pointing to Trumps success as a Presidential candidate; his vow to “make America great again,” his promise to “stand up to China” and “straight talking, non-politically correct” political speeches that drive home the need to “secure the border.”

Admittedly, Trump is not humble, Hannity said. But he’s also morphed on some the very policies Beck criticized him for advocating in the past, Hannity wrote. Case in point: Trump was once for an assault weapon ban, but “now has a pistol carry-permit in [New York City] and said he believes law-abiding Americans should have the right to ‘carry,’” Hannity wrote.

“In conclusion … I am glad Donald Trump is in this race,” Hannity wrote. “I like his straightforward outsider’s view of politics. His personality and background are impressive and refreshing. I like anybody who is not politically correct. I hope his outspokenness and his courage rubs off on his fellow Republicans, who have all become stale, timid, weak, and generally (especially in DC) useless. Many Republicans can learn a thing or two from Trump.”

Beck had no answers, only his opinion which upon reflection he should change.

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