Are you an elected Republican officeholder? No? Then you don’t have any power as a Republican. You get one vote in a Primary where you can pick the endorsed candidate or someone running against him/her. That’s almost no power at all. Why are you registered Republican?

Only because the alternative is to register Democrat. None of the Independent or so called third parties have anywhere near as much power as the two registered parties.

When Donald trump said he would not run as an Independent if he gets endorsed by the Republican Insiders he showed he understands more about politics than most committee people. That’s why people support him.

Is Trump divisive? Less divisive that Rand Paul or Linsey Graham or Mike Huckabee. Hillary is the most divisive person in America right now. Also consider that the two parties have been cast in concrete for the last 50 years so it’s almost impossible to oppose them without doing something new which the elected class will say is divisive.

The GOP and it’s friends say Trump is the problem. Many registered Republicans think the problem is the GOP.

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