Castro sold out the Cuban people when he misled America into believing he was our friend then turned on us and took Cuba into the hell of Communism. Cuba is a mess and is being bailed out by President Obama who want’s to bring Marxism into America. He needs to study the failure of Communism in Cuba to understand how wrong he is in supporting Cuba and the Castro’s.
Film maker Michael Moore documented the failed medical system in Cuba where no one has any medical expertise and the island has been in economic depression since Castro shot his way to power.

Remember 1 January 1959? Castro turned Cuba into a socialist state. The 26 of July movement reformed along communist lines, becoming the Communist Party in October 1965.The Communist Party, now headed by Castro’s brother Raúl, continues to govern Cuba today. The island has been too poor to afford new cars so the people have been forced to drive around in 60 year old junk. Cuba proves beyond doubt how wrong communism is. The economy is in shambles even though Cuba has abundant natural advantages in minerals and agriculture

Industrial minerals and manufactured industrial mineral products produced in Cuba include ammonia and ammonia byproducts, bentonite, cement, feldspar, high-purity zeolite minerals, gypsum, kaolin (a type of clay), lime, high-grade limestone, marble, sand, sulfuric acid, steel and urea yet the Cuban economy is in shambles because Marxism doesn’t work.
Cuba has been a drain on the World Economy. America has over a million and a half Cubans who fled to America where America had to take care of them. Castro should pay for that. He caused the people to leave. He should pay both them and America for accepting them. The bill comes to $23 trillion which is about $5,000 per year per Cuban. That’s what Castro owes to America for the damage he’s caused. $23 Trillion. That’s what the failure of communism in Cuba has cost.

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