They can’t get over the idea that medical procedures including abortions: A. Cost money and B. Are gruesome.

FOX confuses a fetus with a baby. They refuse to show most of the details about a fetus i.e., the heart is not working; the lungs are collapsed; therefore useless; the beating heart is not beating like a heart. It has holes in it so the blood can run right thru without increasing the blood pressure. It has blood circulating in it but it is unable to circulate the blood. There are other spectacular differences between a fetus and a baby yet FOX Network insists they are the same.

A baby when born is not breathing. It is unable to breathe until the airways are clear enough of amniotic fluid with which they are filled at birth. In effect a baby when born is still unable to sustain itself. It has to start breathing. It may not do that if it’s airways contain fluid and if some of the fluid does not clear the bronchi it cannot breathe. That’s one very important reason that someone who knows about such things is present at birth. Clearing the airways is why childbirth is not quite the end of the transition from a fetus to a breathing baby.

In Pediatrics the ABSTRACT for a paper contains this. “Airway obstruction classically leads to either atelectasis or emphysema. Obstructions developing in utero might be expected to cause different phenomena, however, since fetal lungs contain fluid, not air.

“The two newborn infants presented here (in the paper), demonstrate the pathophysiologic effects of total intrauterine bronchial occlusion and the consequent retention of pulmonary fluid. One infant had extrinsic occlusion of the left main-stem bronchus by a small bronchogenic cyst. The other had atresia of the bronchus leading to his accessory left upper lobe. In each the obstructed pulmonary tissue was expanded and filled with fluid. In neither case did the clinical and roentgenographic findings suggest airway obstruction pre-operatively. The contrast with the atelectatic and emphysematous manifestations of later-life airway obstruction is marked. Those who care for newborn infants must be aware that a chest mass or opaque lung by x-ray or large but fluid-filled pulmonary tissue upon thoracotomy may in fact represent remediable airway obstruction.”

This is gruesome stuff, not presented in the conversations by the people at FOX. It can be fatal.

Everyone understands the religion-based objections to abortion that animate the people over at FOX. They don’t get therefor e they ignore like an ostrich, the reality of the woman who is in charge of her own body and it’s functions. She’s a fully grown woman not irrelevant as FOX thinks.

In the entrapment videos taken of private conversations of Planned Parenthood people, FOX cannot bring itself to be fair or balanced. they are of one mind and one heart regarding abortion viz., they oppose it.

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