Despite the nay-sayers, Capitalism is saving African lives. #BlackLivesMatter needs Capitalism to work. Riots won’t do it. The Free Market will.

There’s a photo on the web of two young African girls who live in what appears to be rather basic circumstances using a cell phone. There is a photo of an African shepard using a cell phone. There is tremendous prosperity going on in Africa as more people buy and sell goods to and from Africans.

The Free Market Foundation is an African think tank whose executive director Leon Louw said: “The world is experiencing the most amazing accomplishment of humanity: The virtual elimination of poverty. He continued” “It’s strange that as that happens, we are talking about it as if there is more of it.”

How can it be that poor Africa is seeing economic growth? Simple. People are buying and selling in Africa. That means more people are investing money in businesses which causes them to grow. As they grow more profit means more investment money is available and so the growth continues. All government can do, all government should do it keep out of the way.

Ever hear of Botswana? It’s growing faster than Switzerland and it’s a small landlocked country that decided to support free markets. Many countries and cultures could learn from Botswana where they have “One Stop Shopping” for anyone who want’s to go into business. They require everything needed to start up a business be available by dealing with only one government agency which in turn coordinates everything that’s needed with the other parts of government. America would benefit from such a system. Botswana ranks first in overall prosperity in Africa, higher than South Africa which is second. Unfortunately, South Africa ranks 17 in Safety and 14 in Personal Freedom.

Nevertheless, Africa is eliminating poverty by increasing Capitalism. Africans are living longer. There are more jobs opening up everyday. More people have medical care, good roads and jobs. Good.

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