The Republican Committee lost control of their election when a very small group of political thugs took over the school board election in Council Rock Region 5. They attacked the endorsed candidate but they had no candidate to support. They handed the election to the Democratic candidate. How stupid is that?

Never mind the stupidity, it happened. The details are: Jerry Grupp, a 16 year veteran of the Council Rock School Board was endorsed by the Northampton Republican Committee. Three rogue’s decided to get rid of Grupp. They put up campaign signs but didn’t show who paid for them. Grupp or anyone else cold have simply collected the signs before the election because they violated Campaign Finance Laws but Grupp didn’t know about that so the signs stayed up.

Next the rogues made telephone calls telling what Grupp had done wrong and not to vote for him. That was stupid too because if voters didn’t vote for Republican Grupp, the Democrat Rothberg would have won because there were only two candidates running against each other.

Further, the rogue Republicans showed up at the polls and told voters not to vote for Grupp. So Grupp didn’t get as many votes as he would have if the party supported him. That benefited his Democrat Opponent.

lastly, the Northampton Committee was simply outgunned and out-worked by the rogues who were opposing the official Republicans.

The Republicans lost control of their own party. If Grupp wins the Republicans will be embarrassed. If he loses they will be embarrassed. Either way, they lost control. that’s not a good thing.

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