It’s the blacks against just about everything. Obama made race relations worse by foolishly being biased against white people. That’s the basis for a race war. He provoked it; he got it.

Obama blamed the police. That’s stupid. He has police protecting him. He has a false sense of invincibility from his 24-7 secret service police protection.

“The riots in Baltimore are already being used as yet another rationale to prevent laws from being enforced against African-Americans. Not coincidentally, our first black President has already gotten ahead of the curve by commuting the sentences of mostly non-white criminal offenders—most recently 18 out of 22 prisoners on March 31st. [Obama commutes sentences of 22 people in federal prison, By Darlene Superville, Associated Press, March 31, 2015]

“These favored multicultural prisoners were Black or Hispanic drug distributors. Two white pushers were similarly so favored; two others were racially indeterminate, possibly Black. And normally only by searching the records of the Bureau of Prisons is it possible to see how skewed Obama’s actions were towards members of his own race. (For readers investigating cases of MSM “not reporting race”, the technique is to find the state “inmate locator” website for any prisoner of known name but unknown race—the Bureau of Prisons never considers race “irrelevant”.) However, a website called “The Clemency Report”, which considers the release of blacks beneficial, has done this, and their score is “Race: 16 African American, 6 white, including 5 who are of Hispanic origin.”. [Obama 22 sentence commutations focus on crack + black, April 2, 2015]

“This favoritism is no fluke. Obama issued a smaller batch of commutations on December 17th 2014. Of the eight prisoners in that case, all were Black drug dealers but one White and one American Indian. You can search in vain among them for poor misunderstood people unwittingly swept up in a cruel system.” See

Baltimore black rioters burned out 200 Baltimore businesses. Most will not rebuild. As Thomas Sowell explains: “Harlem was one of many ghettos across the country that have still not recovered from the riots of the 1960s. In later years, a niece of mine, who had grown up in the same Harlem tenement where I grew up years earlier, bitterly complained about how few stores and other businesses there were in the neighborhood. There were plenty of stores in that same neighborhood when I was growing up, as well as a dentist, a pharmacist, and an optician, all less than a block away. But that was before the neighborhood was swept by riots.

Same for Baltimore. Same for Ferguson. Obama made life worse for blacks and whites alike. His actions were deliberate. He made race relations worse. There’s no third choice.

It’s easy enough for people to hate people of a different race either because the other race has power over their lives or because of some other reason, a reason not based on actual events but on perceptions an teachings which single out one race or religion as the enemy. It’s pretty effective. Worked in Germany, Poland and other European nations where Jews were vilified and hated. It’s working in America because the President fanned the flames of division showing blacks why they are different than whites which in turn gave innocent blacks the idea that white people are against them.

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