Obama says he’s eliminating his demands to inspect Iran’s Nuclear Facilities as a peace offering to the Mullah’s of Iran, Yemen and Syria. He has committed America to join the United States of Iran agreeing the United States Department of State will be transferred from Washington, DC to Tehran so Iran can keep an eye on American diplomats. John Kerry and President Obama welcome the inspections of America by agents of the Republic of IYS. Vladimir Putin was ecstatic about the deal saying: “we have been trying to get a leg up on America and President Obama has come thru.”

The Nobel Peace Committee in Oslo will award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015 to Bashir Assad for his tireless work fighting against freedom and liberty for decades. the prize is worth about $1.5 million U.S. dollars. It was, unbelievably, awarded to Yasser Arafat who swore death to Israel.  That shows how out of touch and out of their minds the members of the Nobel Committee really are.  

Giving in is what we can expect from President Obama if he had the power to give-up and give-in to the enemies of America. He doesn’t have that power but if he decides to be the first American President to refuse to leave office peacefully that’s the sort of anti-America agreement he would want.

President Obama is serious in his dislike for America, Israel and Liberty. His past actions like releasing Taliban Fighters from Guantanamo Prison so they can return to the battlefields and fight against America and our allies, validate the idea Obama is intent on punishing America and Americans. Like his father, Obama is no friend of America.    

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