3/26/2015. The Courier has few high standards where Israel in concerned. Using the Left Wing: “we publish everything” to disguise their extreme Socialist motives, they routinely publish wrong information about Israel. Every now and then they publish a rebuttal, which they did today in a letter that carefully enunciates the truth about Netanyahu, Israel and about the haters of human life who routinely use Gaza to launch missiles into Israel. Here’s what was written by Mr. Larry Weinstein:

“The cartoon accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of killing the peace process was scandalously inaccurate.

“Netanyahu and the majority of Israelis know that they have no peace partner.  Israel’s chance at peace would have been no better if Isaac Herzog had won the recent election.  Why?  Look at the history of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations over the past 20 years.

“As the Israelis withdrew from the so-called West Bank, they were met with a relentless wave of homicide bombings.  It was not until Israel completed its separation wall was it able to markedly reduce those terror attacks.  Of course, the UN condemned Israel for that wall built to save the lives of its citizens.

“Israel has suffered an even worse fate since it unilaterally withdrew from Gaza.  Predictably, Hamas won a Palestinian election shortly thereafter and since taking over Gaza has rained missiles over Israel’s population.  Bending to international pressure, Israel has repeatedly helped to supply Gaza with building materials, which in turn are used to build tunnels for infiltration into Israel for the purpose of kidnapping and killing Israelis.

“Next, consider the deals that the Palestinian Authority recently turned down.  Israeli Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert offered the Palestinian Authority a Palestinian state in Gaza, East Jerusalem and almost 100 percent of the West Bank.  The Palestinians turned Israel down.  Why?  Because they have no interest in a state unless it stretches from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.

“Finally, were Israel to turn over the West Bank to the Palestinians they would be turning the land over to  the Hamas unity government.  Who in their right mind would turn over their land to a government sworn to their destruction?  Israel already has Iran’s proxy army on its northern border, a group sworn to its death on its southern border and a gift of the West Bank to the Hamas Government would mean Israel would have completely indefensible borders.  Is anyone naïve enough to think that if Israel was attacked by a sovereign Palestine that the UN and the Obama administration wouldn’t condemn an Israeli response?
Does Benjamin Netanyahu desire a peaceful two state solution?  Of course, he does; he just lacks the partner to make a deal that would bring anything other than a Chamberlain style “peace in our time.”

 Larry Weinstein


Well stated, Mr. Weinstein.


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