It’s the difference between thought and action. The difference between thinking and acting. Black people are officially and legally allowed to hate whomsoever thy want. They are however forbidden from doing anything they want to do to people they hate. That’s precisely part of what the America Constitution did when it revolutionized government. Until the Americans came along government could punish people for anything they thought or said. Liberty relates to action, not thought.

But American government has gone astray from the Constitution. A hate crime is a thought crime. A thought crime is opposed by the American idea. Crimes only relate to behavior; to actions, not to thoughts.

Murder is murder regardless of the motive. Mercy killing is murder. Killing to eliminate the pain of someone is murder. Wanting to kill someone or wanting to see someone dead is not murder. It’s not even a crime. The difference between wanting to murder someone and murdering them is as different than sticks and holes. Same for racism.

People hate other people for a variety of reasons and often those reasons are good. Discriminating because of any reason is against the law. It’s not the thought that counts but the action that’s punished. If you hate Communists, go right ahead. Government is supposed to support your right to hate. Doing something to a communist because you hate them is a crime. Playing the Knockout Game where black’s knockout whites is not a thought crime. It’s not even a crime that requires thinking. It’s aggravated assault. It’s that simple. It matters not that the perp has lots of reasons to hate white people. That’s not good but it’s not a crime. It’s an assault and an assault is a crime.

There are loads of social misfits who just have to hate people. They are dysfunctional and some are insane. As long as they keep their thoughts in their head and don’t act on them, everything is OK. Hate’s not a crime. Let them burn down a store because they hate the owner and they cross over all of the social lines. they must be caught, tried and punished because burning down someone’s store is a crime. the thoughts are OK, the arson isn’t.

Unfortunately American government is punishing thoughts. The President is fond of explaining how punishing people who don’t like others is wrong and must be punished and people have been punished for thinking certain bad thoughts. That’s wrong because punishing thought is wrong because there’s no way to see a thought. No one ever has and no one ever will. The American doctrine of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty of a Crime” means inflicting physical harm on a victim. The victim may be guilty of something but not of thinking bad thoughts. That doctrine was never accepted by America until recently when “Hate Crimes” came into vogue and courts began inflicting punishment for hating. Hate is a thought, not an action.

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