Commissioner Loughery speaking to the Bucks County Intelligence newspaper said Representative Petri er, correction; said he refuses to run for Congress. That shows how the Bucks Republicans are positioning State Rep. Scott Petri to be the next Congressman for Bucks County. Good.

The most powerful State Rep. in Bucks is Rep. Gene DiGirolamo from Bensalem who has promised to support Petri too. Gene is also one of the most prominent State reps in Harrisburg. Visit his office. It’s full of extra rooms which show how important DiGirolamo is in Harrisburg. Check out the offices of some freshmen representatives at the end of the corridor to see what that means. Gene’s office looks out the front of the Capitol building. He’s right on the ground floor so his car can be parked out front where it’s an easy walk to jump in. If Gene DiGirolamo supports Petri that means the Bucks Republican Party supports Petri so it’s a slam-dunk Petri will win.

Can the Democrats win the Bucks Congressional campaign? No. Even if the best Democrat in Bucks runs against Scott Petri the Democrat will lose. Not only are Republicans are having a field day because of Obama and his devastating errors here and abroad, the Republicans in Bucks are in firm control of the elections.

Of course nothing is guaranteed in politics but behind the scenes it’s far worse. There are so many back-stabbers in politics, so many absolutely shallow and even bad and evil people that no citizen can ever be considered safe from political harm. But since most people aren’t politicians and even among politicians there are only a few real stinkers most people can remain blithely ignorant of the few rotten people. For some good examples of some stupid political hatred, look at Northampton Township where the rotten apples not only lowered the civility of the township, they went into the outhouse of political campaigns insulting women and degrading themselves and the Republican party in the process and it’s been going on for a decade or more and it won’t stop because those people can’t stop themselves.

Is there corruption at work in Northampton? Why not ask: is there corruption in Bucks County? If you follow this website you know the correct answer but as State Representative Scott Petri has remained far above the political morons and received the respect and even admiration of the voters.

For the moment Representative Scott Petri will be the next Congressman for Bucks County and that’s a good thing.

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