Russell Wilson vs. Tom Brady. Seattle vs. New England. Bill Belichick vs. who? Oh, right, Pete Carroll. The War Horses against the preppies. Terrorists vs. The Free World. That battle was fought before and Austria, fighting for the West, won.

The Ottoman Empire’s 120,000 man army against Austria’s 20,000 at the Gates of Vienna.

It would be better for the human race if there was no war but war often becomes necessary to defeat a murderous enemy. The Super Bowl is nowhere near as important militarily as the War Against Terror. The Superbowl is however one way to compare the cultures fighting against: America; Israel; and Europe; the cultures of the terrorists.

Just as the Ottoman Empire failed at the Gates Of Vienna, a failure that not only stopped the spread of Suleiman’s Ottoman Empire into Europe in 1520 but caused him to grasp the superiority of the West. That was a significant lesson to learn.

Suleiman was a magnificent general. He knew at Vienna he was beaten. Unfortunately so many in the Middle East never learned the lessons from the Battle of Vienna. They should watch America at play.

Why will the Patriots win Super Bowl 49? They are the better team. They have the better coach, possibly the best ever football coach, Bill Belichick who has been at the top of the game seemingly forever. Belichicks coaching, like the Austrian King Charles of Austria and his generals, is unsurpassed for strategy, tactics, cunning and coaching.

The Patriots have Tom Brady, possibly the best ever football quarterback.

But the outcome of the Super Bowl is somewhat in doubt. This Super Bowl promises to be one of the best ever because Seattle is a formidable force. The Super Bowl has become another symbol of a free America. It shows America is at play; even the President plays golf; — while the Middle East is on fire.

There’s no King Charles to fight for America. President Obama hasn’t exhibited the promise of his presidency. The War on Terror is far more important than the games American’s play but the outcome is certain. America will win.

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