Chains, ropes, whips, propaganda, deception and lies have the same objective: — the conquest of man’s mind. Do what the big dogs demand or suffer.

Slavery is illegal. Few cultures tolerate chains but propaganda, deception and lies are common tools of government’s everywhere. There are exceptional cultures, races, groups and individuals but President Obama has used false statements and outright lies to push and achieve his slave-making agenda and a very sorry conquest it is.

Shame on the Nobel Institute for awarding him a prize for peace. They should have given him a Capitulation Cartouche; a Sell-Out Award; a Pinocchio Plaque. His rhetoric is mesmerizing; his voice soothes, his eyes twinkle and his temper seldom surfaces but it did towards Republicans when he taunted them from the podium where they had no chance to respond. He said he had no more campaigns to run. There was some small noise from the assembly, probably along the lines of happiness; he snarked: “I know, I won two of them”. Ouch Mr. President. Why sink so low?

But Obama faced opposition. He lost the House and Senate because of his bamboozling yet he doubled down with more lies then blamed it on Republicans. He failed to credit his propaganda, his deceptions, for the loss of the Senate to the Republicans. Deceptions? Yes. Here’s a small sample: “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” If you like your plan you can keep your plan”. “Our cost-cutting will reduce most peoples premiums” “Your medical insurance costs will go down; will go down”. “The average family will see $2,500 in annual savings.” One’s eyes burn from the poison of lies. This is a man far beyond the reach of decency.

As a nation under the boot of Obama; a people subject to massive propaganda, some people become hostile to truth. The false front of a disingenuous man his increased the powers of the Federal Juggernaut. Immoral persuasion is persuasion nevertheless despite the promise of a Culture that follows a Constitution that seemingly would keep government off the backs of the people. The boots of a dictator are crushing their collective necks.

Obama is helped by a culture set-up for the chains of slavery by the idea that everyone must sacrifice. The mystics preach sacrifice and Obama collects the sacrifices. The statists sermonize that “the public interest” is the ideal; that “the public good” requires individual capitulation, that the “common good” is higher than any individual right and Obama runs through the door opened by Statism and Altruism.

Politicians practice incest with the government. The chains of slavery are forged from Mysticism, Altruism and Statism. Are you a victim?

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