Vlad Putin boycotted the Paris Anti-Terrorist demonstrations in addition to President Obama. Why?

Terror against America serves to use American resources which otherwise could be directed against Putin. It’s in Putin’s interests to support Terror and indeed the KGB has Lumumba University in Moscow that trains Terrorists. Carlos the Jackal and President Abbas trained there and he did his Ph.D. work at Lumumba.  They are against American Imperialism, hence against America.

America is not an Imperial Nation but the charge supports the basis terrorists use to attack America.

Three powerful religions are attacking each other, at least so far as it’s proper to attack a religion. America, the Christian nation, Russia the Orthodox Catholic nation and the Middle East religion of Islam were co-existing at the Paris Demonstrations. Will the three religions ever enact a kind of peaceful co-existence? Difficult to predict. Roman and Orthodox Catholicism did. So did Judaism and Christianity. The odd man out is Islam but many Muslims marched together with the other religions in Paris so a rapprochement of some kind is possible.  

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